About us

Homeroom is the product of the creativity of its founders – Fabrizio, Fabiana, Alessandro. Three italian fashion designers with a common desire: to wear authentic garments that reflect their personality, following only their inspiration rather than the commercial and standardized fashion rules.

As a result, the brand embodies their love for vintage and rugged styles, for things that have a story to tell, for the authenticity that commercial fashion has lost in the pursuit of standardization and scale-economy.

Homeroom is a voice out of the chorus, a return to the originals with timeless garments, natural fabrics and colors, a production that remains deliberately craft – only limited number of pieces per year – inspired by the past eras that have marked our present.


Getting inspiration from everything we do and experience, putting that unique story, that endless vibe, that experience in the clothes we wear and produce.

Never stop exploring” is our motto. Feel the vibe” is our way of living.

To make our stores unique and exclusive, we constantly look for inspiration.

Everything we do and experience enriches our archives with memories and vibes, fabrics, prints, objects and stories: every trip around the world, our favourite vintage markets where we find garments that have marked the history of civilian and military clothing, the grandparents ‘s wardrobe

We re-interprete it all with our own perspective to make authentic clothes.

We believe that every fabric, garment, object has a unique vibe and authenticity linked to its context, environment, history. This is our vision of the world which we try to transmit through our work.

HomeRoom clothes contain a fragment of our lives, a memory, an emotion, an experience we went through.


Our mission is to keep doing what we love without following any trend or commercial bias. Our purpose is to provide timeless apparel in limited editions, sold exclusively in our flagship stores.

“No compromises” is our commitment.

We do not follow any trends, we do not tie ourselves to the large-scale distribution logic, we remain outside the mass-production system model.

This is our commitment and our mission, the thing that drive us to create a unique and authentic product.

In order to accomplish this, we extract everything out of any object – the story, the meaning, the vibe – and we pour it into our collections and into our stores with emotion and passion.

“Keep change, keep going” is our philosophy.

Homeroom stores and collections follow one principle: reflecting our visions and personalities.

We make iconic garments every year in new versions and colours. Every season’s collection include new models and details that are often different from store to store.

HomeRoom is quite the opposite of standardized industrial production.