Original italian design, handcraft manufacture

Homeroom is 100% original italian design, and the production is exclusive and unique. Handcraft manufacturing that we personally manage.

We work with passion, commitment and attention to sustainability.

Style and Design

Original and authentic italian design combined with vintage inspiration, military and old workwear fascination.

Our creativity is driven only by passions, without compromising to the trends of commercial fashion.

Homeroom is difficult to label, because the rugged style is enriched with vintage details, the workwear becomes cult, the army and navy styles are redefined by unique details.

Every year, we make different collections:

  • SILVER WHISKERS: Premium quality vintage sewing
  • RE-GENERATION NAVY: seaman’s clothing research
  • ORANGE LINE: retro concept brand
  • ARANCHA: fresh summer clothing


Artisanal processes, limited edition production, only premium quality natural fabrics: HomeRoom is the emblem of uniqueness, personality and exclusivity.

We personally follow each step – from the choice of the raw materials to the final packaging, – or in direct contact with the chains with which we collaborate.

All Homeroom garments boast a craftsmanship that always makes the results varied, showing the artisan’s touch:

  • hand finishing

  • garment dyeing

  • hand screen printing

  • stone and water washes without chemical enzymes, using vegetable softeners

Homeroom’s motto is “authentic fabric prerogative”. We pay very particular attention to the choice of fabrics. Our vintage culture takes us back in time, to noble and real materials, without synthetic fibers. In particular we use:

  • 100% linen in all its variations

  • organic cotton

  • canvas

  • oxford

  • twill

  • silk

  • corduroy

  • heringbone

  • supima

    In all Homeroom processes try to eliminate plastic.